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If you have no symptoms and would like a Sexual Health screen, we can test you for: Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis and HIV.

To test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea patients will not need an appointment. In our toilets ladies will find a swab test and men will find a urine sample pot, these will need to be left at reception.

To test for Syphilis and HIV patients can book a blood test appointment with our Healthcare Assistant. 

To test for Syphilis and HIV patients will need to book a blood test appointment with our Healthcare Assistant. If you have symptoms simply book an appointment with our nurse or GP and they will be able to help you. 

Patients can also order a home testing kit by visiting:


All our doctors and nurses are able to provide up to date, safe contraceptive advice.
You have a choice of the contraceptive pill, depo contraceptive injections and contraceptive implants (Nexplanon).
We offer hormonal and non-hormonal coil fitting (IUD/IUS –Mirena).  There are a number of clinics for contraception coils and implants during the month. Please see a nurse or GP to be referred. 

Visit for more information.


Cervical smear test is a quick, reliable and easy screening test which can detect abnormal cells very early on.
These cells may turn into cancer of the neck of the womb if not treated in their early stages. Regular smear tests can prevent women from getting cancer and it is therefore very important to have one done. We now test all cervical smears for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which has been found to be one of the causes of cervical cancer.
In the UK the test is offered to any woman aged 25 years and above.


All our GPs are able to provide Antenatal care which enables pregnant and new mothers to have their routine checks and ask for advice.
We advise that you make your first appointment about 6-8 weeks following the first day of your last menstrual period and following a positive home pregnancy test.
We usually offer shared care with the hospital of your choice.


We have a fully equipped minor operations room within the surgery.
Dr Mona Vaidya is specially trained in the removal of lumps and bumps, skin biopsies, cautery. The clinics run on Wednesday mornings. You will need to be referred to the minor surgery via an appointment with a GP.


Our nurses and healthcare assistants can also manage other conditions such as minor illness, wound care, perform ECG- electrocardiogram, ABPM- blood pressure monitoring over 24 hours.
Please book an appointment via reception.


The main routine vaccinations are: MMR and Meningitis ACWY 

HPV Vaccine

This vaccine is available on the NHS if you are under 25 years old.

If you are 25 or over and have not had the HPV vaccine, you can visit a pharmacy or private clinic.

Flu Vaccine

If you are in the 'at risk' category you will be offered an annual free Flu Vaccine. Information about special clinics is sent out in September, when the campaign starts. The Flu Jab is very safe. If you do not fall into one of these groups eligible for free NHS flu jabs but would like to be immunised, you will need to go to a pharmacy. 

Pneumococcal Vaccination 

This is a once in a life time vaccination that prevents a serious form of pneumonia. If you are over 65 years of age or considered to be in an 'at risk' group you are entitled to have this vaccination. 

For more info on NHS Vaccine's


If you need a blood test as directed by your doctor or one of the nurses or for HIV, we offer a phlebotomy service at the practice. Bookable appointments are available by phone or at reception.



The Health Centre can complete private forms for insurance and other services. You must complete all relevant sections on the form and provide us all relevant documents including a signed consent form. Your document will then be processed and reception will contact you to arrange an appointment with a doctor or to advice that the form/letter is ready for collection. This process takes between 7-20 working days for completion.

The NHS does not cover form completions so there is a charge for this service. Please ask reception.


Medical Certificates

Charges do not apply to medical certificates for the University, for these you will need to email us with a clear description of your request. Please note if this isn't something you've previously discussed with us you will need to book an appointment so we can further assist you.


Please note: some medications may not need a prescription from your GP

If you need medication that has not been issued by us before, please book an initial consultation.


Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) electronically sends your prescription to any pharmacy of your choice. To do this you can go to the pharmacy of your choice and sign up with them or alternatively you can manage your nominated pharmacies via your SystmOnline account,


You can request repeat medications via PATCHS or SystmOnline (providing your medication review is not overdue and you are not overusing the medication).

If you are requesting online please allow up to 48 hours for your prescription to be ready at your nominated pharmacy, this is also the case if you request them directly at the Health Centre.

NHS charges

You can view the current NHS charge for prescriptions here


Dedicated clinics are held monthly and are run by Dr Eric Britton with a healthcare assistant trained in looking after patients with diabetes. This is a one stop clinic where bloods, foot checks, referral to Eye screening, dietician input and overall review can be done at a single appointment.  

There is also a specialist Endocrinologist from Imperial College Hospital who attends once a month to do the reviews alongside Dr Eric Britton. They are able to review Insulin pumps and prescribe Free Style Libre where the requirements are met.


We offer respiratory management and can refer you for lung function tests. Your treatment will be assessed and changed if necessary and follow up arranged as required so we can optimise your care.


We offer a Travel clinic and Yellow fever Centre for patients registered at the Health Centre. 

The Travel Clinics runs every fortnight and you are required to have a booked appointment and follow the instructions below.

You MUST complete the Pre-Travel Questionnaire and send to us via your SystmOnline account prior to booking your appointment. If you are unable to do this you can email it to us at but please be aware we are unable to reply via email.

Certain vaccinations need to be given over several weeks so we ask that you allow enough time before your travel to book an appointment.

If you have less than 6-8 weeks prior to travelling please contact our reception to check availability prior to completing the form.

We ask that all patients follow the below links to read up on what travel recommendations are expected before they attend their appointment.

Fit for Travel

NHS Travel vaccinations

Many travel vaccinations are not covered on the NHS and will incur costs.

Prices of the most common travel vaccinations are below:

Rabies - £62 per dose (3 doses per course)

Yellow Fever - £65

Hepatitis B = £50

Diptheria/Tetanus/Polio - £35

Meningitis ACWY - £55

Malaria Tablets (private prescription) - £15 + pharmacy charge 


We host an NHS acupuncture clinic for patients registered at the Health Centre as well as access to a private service.


For an NHS appointment you will need a referral from your GP.

If you would like to access the private service please click here for more details.

Acupuncture is a safe and effective form of treatment. It is part of a system of medicine called Traditional Chinese medicine which originated in China, but has increasingly spread around the world.


Patients often seek acupuncture treatment for

  • chronic pain; migraines and other headaches; arthritis and other joint problems

  • emotional problems such as anxiety or depression, insomnia, fear and phobias.

  • digestive complaints, or problems relating to eating and eating habits.

  • ’odd problems’ where no obvious cause has been found despite investigation.


Acupuncture treatment is often combined with dietary advice, and advice regarding lifestyle and daily habits.

Acupuncture can be combined with standard medical care and with western medication.


Want to stop smoking? Tried and find it hard to quit?

Come and speak to our smoking cessation adviser or one of the practice nurses.

They are all trained to help and support you to stop smoking.

They are fully up to date with all the new medications that help smokers to quit. Please contact reception for details.


You can refer yourself for Physiotherapy without the need to see the GP by visiting the below website.



The Havens is London’s only sexual assault referral centre offering support to those who have been raped or sexually assaulted within the last 12 months. They provide comprehensive, immediate and follow-up aftercare services that include forensic, medical, anonymous police reporting, mental health therapies and ISVA support (Independent Sexual Violence Advisors). Service provision is open to all ages and genders across London within the M25. There are dedicated taskforces at the Havens for adults aged over 18 and children/young people.

The Havens operates across three London sites with the additional clinic space at Bush House GP surgery. If you would to access the Havens service, you can self-refer, details how to do so are on their website or ask to be referred by your GP.


Please note that there is no direct access to the Havens via our clinic at Bush House GP surgery. Your GP or health professional will support you to with a referral.

A member of the clinical team at Bush House surgery will be able to provide you with help if you need it. This would include the option to have;

  • sexual health and contraceptive screening at the Health Centre

  • referral to Havens for immediate evidence gathering rather than the forensic team

  • support with medical needs/injuries following an assault

  • referral to the Havens specialist team who operate out of the Health Centre for psychological therapy

  • ongoing support with our clinicians for mental or physical health needs

The Havens are part of London wide partnership, the London Survivors Gateway, which includes all of London’s specialist rape and sexual assault services.

The Gateway is a portal to help find the most appropriate service for each person’s needs.

You can find them by visiting:


HAMS leaflet1024_1.jpg

CLICK HERE for Health information Videos in Mandarin by our Health Advisor




IAPT stands for ‘Improving Access to Psychological Therapies’. CNWL Talking Therapies Service is part of this service and offers cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as a primary treatment approach for depression, anxiety, stress, panic disorders, sleep disorders, to name a few and it is tailored to the individual's need. 

Click here to self-refer


This team is is here to help you cope with personal and emotional problems. The Service is for all undergraduate and postgraduate students and is free and confidential. 

This is a separate service from the Health Centre however, if required the doctors can advise and refer. You can also self-refer. 

To find out more please see this link


This is the community mental health team. Referrals are made by the GP for review by a psychiatrist or for complex psychological therapy.


This specialist clinic is hosted by the Health Centre in partnership with Vincent Square Eating Disorders Service. 

This clinic allows patient's to be seen and managed for their Eating Disorder within their GP Practice.

Your GP will refer you and the service will asses whether you can be seen in the Health Centre or at the specialist clinic at Vincent Square depending upon your clinical history. 

Claire Carrington, a registered Mental Health Eating Disorder Nurse joins us in managing your care.


We host an in-house Autism Clinic every 3 months. 

It is quite common for people to have gone through life without an autism diagnosis, feeling that somehow they don't quite fit in. 

Many people learn to cope with life in their own ways and at times this can become hard work. 

If you have any personal concerns please speak to your GP who could refer you to our ASD Clinic.


Dr Mona Vaidya runs our dedicated Mental health clinic to review patients with long standing complex and serious mental health.

She offers 20 min appointments. She works closely with other Mental Health professionals and is able to arrange necessary referrals where required. Your GP can refer you to this clinic.


A team of specialist advisers at King's College  aim to help students overcome any personal issues which could be causing a barrier to your success at King's. Whether you need information to help you to find work or accommodation, want to find out about how changes in your personal circumstances will affect your studies or need specific financial, legal and practical advice, they can help.  


The Active Wellness Scheme is an initiative to help anyone within the King’s community who suffers from any mental or physical health issue through the use of exercise therapy.

To find out more please follow this link

Fitness expert Neila Rey, now known as Darebee is putting the fun back into fitness with these equipment-free workouts for all levels;

Visit the NHS website to find out more


Every Mind Matters 

Every Mind Matters is here to help you manage and maintain your mental health. Keeping a good balanced mental health makes such a difference because it helps us to relax more, achieve more and enjoy our lives more. 


Get free tips, tools and apps:

One You can help you make small changes. The team can support you with a range of services if you want to; Quit smoking/drinking, move more, stress less, sleep better or eat better. 


Make a change now:

It only takes a minute to get started with a short free quiz to create Your Mind Plan with personalized tips and advice.



A helpline open 24/7 for anyone feeling low or considering suicide 

Phone: 116 123

Young Minds

Self Harm Telephone support - Students can call: 020 7089 5050 and Parents please call 0808 802 5544

A 24/7 text messaging service is also available for young people in crisis. Text: Text YM to 85258

The Listening Place offer a warm and welcoming environment; somewhere that individuals can talk openly about their feelings without being judged or being given advice. Click here for more information on how to self-refer


Click here for Self help booklets on Mental Health

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