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Bush House, 3rd Floor South East Wing, 300 The Strand, WC2B 4PJ


Autism Clinic is back

Due to popular demand our Autism clinic led by Dr Cheung is up and running. Clinics are twice monthly and you can be referred by speaking to your GP.

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Remembering Nurse Aimee Wong

aimee final.jpg

Nurse Aimee Wong one of our team members sadly passed away in August 2022.

Many of you may have encountered Aimee’s warm and caring approach. She was particularly passionate about student health and was a champion for sexual health and equality.


She was an exceptional nurse and always put the patient first. She was the first in our team to volunteer in the Covid vaccination program.

Aimee will always be part of of our King’s College Health Centre family.



Your feedback is extremely important to us, telling us about your experience means that we can better understand what is important to you, what we are doing well and where we need to make improvements. If you have a moment, please share your feedback with a Google Review or on our NHS Choices page


I've always had fantastic service and treatment from the KCL NHS staff. The nurses and GPs are always attentive, patient and considerate when listening to my concerns and working to find a comfortable solution. From routine vaccinations to sexual health screenings, the staff are always professional and helpful in keeping me informed about the routine and what to expect, and answering any questions I may have. I would recommend taking advantage of all the services offered, and rest assured that you're in great hands.

Barrise G. 

Mental Health Clinic​

First and foremost, I would like to thank Dr. Park for continuously supporting me, listening to my problems and needs and always recommending resources and help. I had a couple of hard years, and if it wasn't for Dr. Park, I don't know what I would do. Because of the resources and help Dr. Park provided, I learned that there are services and help in the community  that helped to make my situation a little easier. Especially, during the COVID times, I appreciate Dr. Park's always asking me how she can help. Thank you, Dr. Park for your continuous hard work and support. 


Eating Disorder Clinic

I found the assessment and referral process very relieving. I had fears going into the assessment, having had several bad/ unhelpful experiences with referrals and doctor's diagnosis's before. But as a specialist, not just a normal GP Michelle was the perfect person to see/ make a referral. She made me feel at ease and didn't discredit my illness based on my size or the fact that I'm not in the worst possible place I could be. She made me feel valued and like I deserved to receive help. The referral was made really quickly and I was very impressed by the speed and organisation with which it has all been done. She also reassured me that I could go to her in the interim before receiving treatment which was really nice and helped me to feel that I had someone to go to if I was having any difficulties. In the past I have not experienced this so this support meant a lot to me.


Smear test 

Getting a smear test isn’t always the most comfortable procedure to get done, but the staff at the Kings College NHS Health Centre were so welcoming and made it all very comfortable! Scheduling with them is so easy and the text reminders are great. I’m happy I have a service that helps me look after my cervical health and allows me to ask any questions and provide lots of information on any medical queries I have!

Lisa S. 

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